How to Find the Best Tree Services For Your Home

by Chip Dykeman
How to Find the Best Tree Services For Your Home

Are you looking to hire the best professional tree service to help you with your yard? From broken limbs to decaying trees and maybe an overgrown tree, a tree service will help you get the job done right. For those who have never hired a tree service and, here’s how to find the best tree services in your home.

Consider the Potential Risks

Before you hire professionals, be sure to consider the risks of who will do your tree work. This job can be tough as it is dangerous. Do your research online to find out what you need for a safe environment. Do not risk getting someone hurt because you think you can save a few bucks by doing it yourself or getting someone to do it for cheap.

Ensure that the Company is Legitimate

Does the company have a license and insurance? Anyone can just simply purchases a chainsaw and Google how to cut down a tree. However, Tree work is dangerous and requires training, skills, and experience to go with the proper safety gear and equipment.

Without a business license, you cannot get insurance. Make sure that the company have current liability insurance and ask for a copy. If you hire a company without insurance, you might be liable for any damages or accidents that are caused on your property.

Ask for Safety Gear

The company should be using personal safety gear, most especially helmets and face shields while doing the job. If you notice workers not well equipped on the job, it is time to move onto the next company. Tree services should also be prepared with the best safety gear that is designed for tree work. Not only is this meant to keep the workers safe, but also your property.

Get the estimate in writing with the contract

To protect yourself as the homeowner, make sure to have the assessment written with the contract. Don’t simply just take someone’s word for it as fraud business can leave you spending more than you should. A legitimate tree business will put their services in written without hesitation.

Never Pay Full Upfront

A legal tree service will not ask the client for the full payment upfront. This is different contractors as there are no materials needed for tree work. There are countless stories of customers paying up front and end up with nothing complete or at least poor quality results.

Compare Services

Make sure to get estimates from the best local tree services and that the details match up. If the potential companies meet the criteria, make sure that they will provide the appropriate services for your needs. Will they haul the branches away or leave it as is? Will they trim only the diseased branches or shape the entire tree? Be sure to ask questions to make sure they meet your expectations.

Got any tips on how to best the best tree services? Comment below and let us know!