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3 Major Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

3 Major Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

Let’s face it; home ownership involves more work than we expect. Not only does it require work, but it is also costly to maintain. For many homeowners, they make it their mission to pinch pennies and cost on costs whenever possible. Sometimes this requires manual labor with any prior experience.

Tree removal can cause many incidents like large branch falls in unexpected ways. One of these not-so-safe decisions involves DIY tree removal. While it is important to save on costs, leave this job to the professionals. When you try to remove the tree without proper knowledge or tools, this can end up being dangerous and end up costing you more than expected.

Here are the three top dangers of DIY Tree Removal.

Risk of Injury

One of the most dangerous professions in the world is tree work and removal. Even the most qualified tree experts are still at risk to the many dangers of tree removal and maintenance. In fact, there are many injuries reported every year from even those with years of experts.

With such high risks, there’s no reason an amateur with little expertise should take part in tree removal. Arborists with years of experience require the use of professional chainsaws, handsaws, and other tools for a successful tree removal. Tree experts also carry the necessary safety equipment to use at their disposal and protect them during the job.

Injury from Improper Equipment Handling

Don’t forget – using equipment such as chainsaws and other electrical power tools without experience will cause the risk of serious injuries. It is important to keep in mind that your health is more important that saving a few bucks.

The chainsaw is one of the most dangerous tools that are used to remove trees. This tool alone is enough to cause injury or even death. Improper handling or use of ladders will be hazardous to tree works as well.

Potential Property Damage

Trees will not always land exactly where you expect them too. This is a common mistake for amateurs who assume where the tree will fall. However, tree landings provide a high risk of property damage by falling onto another tree, power line, building structure, vehicle, or causing severe damage to the property. One of our clients recently experienced this and had to contact a window replacement company to get it resolved when a tree landed on one of his upper bedrooms. Thankfully, no one was inside. Either way, don’t let that be you!


Trained and experienced tree experts will know exactly where the trunk will low and how to cut it in proper angles. Tree experts will also take the tree’s foliage, height, weight into account to determine the exact call-to-action plan. Cutting the tree the wrong way will cause you to end up spending more money on repairing and restoring the damaged property along with the tree services to follow.