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Space Saving Ideas

by Chip Dykeman

In the age of tiny homes space saving ideas are key to making the most out of your living quarters. As millennials ditch large houses for tiny and often mobile homes for a life of more mobility the efficient use of space has become imperative. The insurgence of this demand has brought some creative space saving furniture called “modular furniture.” The efficient use of space has also gotten more creative and people are now using existing structures for multiple uses. Here are some space saving ideas to make efficient use of your living quarters.

One great way to make efficient use of space is to use existing structures for multiple use. Stairs are something that is a necessity to get from one level to another level. A creative way to utilize the staircase and save some space is to use them as storage. This can be done by turning the stairs into pullout drawers if you have the kind of staircase that is enclosed between walls. If you have a staircase where one side is open you could create staircase cabinets. The storage space under the staircase is a great place to store shoes, games, towels or decorations. As years pass it is natural to accumulate more stuff so who couldn’t use some more storage space, eh?

Another great way to save and make use of your space is to utilize furniture for multiple uses. The key to this is finding what furniture you do not use that often and make an extra added use out of it. For example… you can actually purchase a large dining room table that can transition to a pool table as well. The dining room table is great for when you are entertaining guests or cooking dinner for a group of friends but it is something that will not get used a lot of the time. So, why not bush up on your pool shooting skills and grab a cue and start playing?

A really cool and innovative creation that has come from this demand is the invention of modular furniture. Modular furniture is made up of independent surface and storage units with panels used as end panels or space dividers. This furniture can be taken and shifted to suit your needs, accommodate your space and utilized for multiple uses. One example of this is a sofa that turns into a bunk bed. This piece of furniture is ideal for those who have a small space for quests to stay and do not have to room for both items. There are many more pieces of modular furniture that you can check out online to get ideas on how to utilize your space or to start planing on your very own tiny home.